Dream Analysis

Tayria helps individuals learn the language of their dreams in private sessions conducted in her office in the Flatiron Building in downtown Asheville, as well as by telephone. She also conducts dream groups. Dreams are raw nature, says Jung. Nature is offering us this gift, let’s listen! Dreams invariably have profound, practical, useful, often healing insight to offer, designed by the psyche just for us, saying what we need to know now, for the sake of wholeness and healing.  

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Spiritual Mentor

An experienced guide is essential on any spiritual or psychological quest. Having worked as a Minister for many years, then as a Professor at undergraduate and graduate levels, completing a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology, then founding and operating a wilderness retreat center in the mountains of North Carolina, I am a well-trained mentor for individuals and groups. One of my dearest concerns is to help you to become, in the words of poet e.e. Cummings, “nobody but yourself in a world that is trying to make you into everybody else.”

Depth Psychology

The term used by followers of Freud, Jung and others to describe the psychology which explores dynamics between the conscious and the unconscious parts of the personality. It utilizes exploration of dreams, images and archetypes, meaningful coincidences, relationships, symbolic processes, subtle and transpersonal realms. Recovery of that which dwells outside of consciousness helps to heal psychological suffering as the content is brought to awareness.

Dialogue Training

For private groups, businesses, churches, foundations or anyone desiring skills for more functional and aware interactions with others, Dialogue teaches communication skills that greatly enhance every aspect of life and relationship. Tayria has trained in the Dialogue methodology as it was originally developed and articulated by physicist David Bohm and further developed by others. She has taught workshops ranging in length from day-long to week-long over the last 16 years and also taught a course in dialogue at the college level entitled The Physics of Thought for several years.

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Private Sessions

I work one-on-one in hour sessions exploring dreams and waking events, acting as a guide in the processes of your own Self-discovery. I have a beautiful office in downtown Asheville with a view across the mountains, and also work by telephone with persons all over the country.

Vision Quests

The Vision Quest is one of the oldest rites of passage practiced by nearly every religion and culture in some form. After careful, intentional preparation the quester moves to a chosen spot in the wilderness to stay awake all night, pray and watch for a vision. What comes will help to illuminate one’s soul purpose and the path ahead.

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Couples Work

For couples, a safe place of deep listening, inquiry and dialogue allows for clearer understanding of ones self, each other and the relationship. We create a safe psychological space for you to listen to yourself and each other. Communicating well takes time, attention and patience, but invariably offers much needed insight and shifts in awareness as to what each partner and the relationship need. I offer tools learned through my years of study, teaching and practice in Dialogue. See links to further articles I have written on this subject if interested, they can be found on the Dialogue page.

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At Bridging Worlds Retreat Center, or a location of your choice, Tayria conducts retreats or private intensives combining all of the tools mentioned here, or a selected focus.

Reconnection with Nature

Indigenous peoples maintained an on going dialogue with nature and spirit. These skills are still available to us, but have atrophied as cultures have modernized. Tayria is committed to assisting in the recovery of these capabilities.

Lectures and Classes

I worked as a public speaker and professor for more than 30 years. I will speak to your groups or at conferences by arrangement.

Oracular Divination and Consultation

Since the beginning of time, people have found ways to consult the matrix of life and their spirit guides through the use of the Oracle. I use Tarot and other tools to help you find insight into psychological and spiritual questions in your life.