I am now offering Dream Groups on Zoom for those looking to work their dreams in a small group setting. The groups are capped at 6 participants and meet for a two-hour session each week for six weeks. The cost is $333 for the series.

Currently the groups are meeting on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays between 12:00 and 2:00 EST. If you are interested to join a group, please write to me at, with the Dream Groups written in the subject line. Please tell me what time zone you are in, and what days are best for you.

Whether you are new to working with your dreams, or have long been doing so, these groups will be a rich and valuable experience for each person. Everyone’s dream has something to offer to every other participant..

Those who join these groups will be asked to make a commitment to confidentiality. You may discuss your personal dreams and the work we do on them with whoever you would like, of course, but will keep confidential the work of others in the group. Also, members of these groups must commit to having their cameras on, to be fully present to the dreamer and the work that we do together. Part of the healing in this kind of intimate investigation is the power of being held and seen in your private work by a caring group of companions.




Dreams of the Night

Learn the Language of Your Dreams

Enjoy this 12-segment course I created with the
United Palace of the Spiritual Arts
in Manhattan, NY.




I am very happy to share with you a podcast link to a recent interview with veteran journalist Linda Grasso for her popular podcast series. It was a joy to talk with her. She truly a pro in her interview style, and demonstrated sincere enthusiasm for the topic “What We Can Learn from Our Dreams.” It is a lively 40-minute podcast to help listeners understand the nature of nightly dreams and how to work with them.

CLICK HERE TO FIND THE PODCAST ON WHICHEVER PLATFORM YOU PREFER contains a rich library of  enlightening 40-minute shows for women who are interested in living better/smarter—with topics ranging from cutting edge health & wellness, to reinvention. I encourage you to browse the topics she offers on this site, with fascinating, expert guests from all backgrounds. You can also find Linda’s series on Instagram @she_sez, and Facebook @shesez.