Tayria Ward, Ph.D.


Tayria Ward has a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California. After 30 years of living in the Los Angeles area where she raised her family, working for 20 years as a minister, and later as a professor at the undergraduate and graduate levels, in 2004 she moved to the ancient mountains of Western North Carolina to found Bridging Worlds Mountain Retreat Center, where she lead regular retreats and vision quests for 9 years.

In 2013 Tayria moved into Asheville, now offering sessions to private clients, specializing in dream analysis, depth psychological and spiritual mentoring. She teaches classes on-line and regularly offers lectures and interviews regarding a large variety of subjects. See the Videos page of this website for free access to many of her teaching events.

Along with her current major interest regarding recovering the value of working with our Dreams and understanding the nature of the Dreamtime, Tayria’s doctoral work led her into a passion for the study of the ways of sensing and knowing carried by indigenous peoples past and present. Her dissertation is entitled Reawakening Indigenous Sensibilities in the Western Psyche. (You can find a link to this on the Bridging Worlds page of this website if you are interested.)

In the last centuries’ thrust toward modernity, as tremendous as it is and has been, much has been left behind. As humans in many ways we threw out the baby with the bathwater. Our connection with the intelligent voices of the non-human world and those of the invisible world have been undervalued, often severed, to the detriment of our health psychologically, emotionally, physically, socially and environmentally.

Tayria’s work is to help recover this health. One of her major tools in working with individuals and groups is focus upon the messaging system in the dreams of the night. She has written down her own dreams and worked with them consistently since the age of 24. She studied the worlds religions avidly for many years, has worked intensively with shamans from Africa and a variety of other traditions, has studied the theories of Carl Jung for decades, including completing her doctorate in Depth Psychology, and worked for many years in analysis of her own dreams with some of the finest Jungian analysts. She is uniquely qualified to assist persons on an in-depth spiritual and psychological quest.

Tayria conducts private sessions, retreats, dream groups and offers vision quests. She is available for interviews, classes and lectures.

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I have worked with Tayria for quite some time.  She brings such a wealth, breadth, and depth to dream work, to life’s work.  Of course, she has the ‘credentials’ including a Ph.D. from Pacifica, but she also brings so much indigenous wisdom, culture, acceptance, love, joy, respect and presence.  I feel her Spirit engaged with mine as we ‘work’ and process my dreams, events, experiences, assisting me to cross over my own bridges.  Working with her is such a privilege, gift, and it is work. Being in the crucible is no easy place and having someone to help, guide, support, and be present makes for a deeper journey than I could take on my own. I think of the word doula, someone who assists a woman in labor, that is what Tayria does.  I am the one on the ‘birthing brick’ and she is the one offering suggestions, guidance, support, “touch”, love and the reassurance so that I can move through and deliver this new life.  And we do this amazing dance every week,

Working with Tayria is an investment in me. I am grateful.
~Desiree M.

Working with Tayria has been one of my most fulfilling exercises in self-awareness.  Sometimes things come in a flash, sometimes insight arrives more subtly and quietly.  I have learned to notice this (and more) as a result of dream analysis with Tayria, sharing the synchronistic events of daily life and acknowledging the presence and divine genius within. Tayria’s deep compassion for helping others ‘along the way’ is matched only by her extensive knowledge and experience as a ‘soul doctor.’  It is a joy and privilege to work with her.
~Gary M

In the Buddhist tradition, what you provided in your reading last night was an exquisite transmission energized with sacredness and beautiful skillfulness. There is an awakeness that emerged in my consciousness during the night and is blessing everything this morning. There is only one way this lived experience could have happened – the breath of your own awakeness flowing in my direction – a breath filled with benevolence and the utmost generosity. I say to this, “Amen, Beloved Sister.”
~A. M.

I have worked with Tayria for many years. It has been a privilege, gift and deep mystery.  I have grown, learned, evolved, and learned more how to trust myself. She allows such a safe welcoming container that I am able to share with her things that I wasn’t able to share with other analysts. The depth of what we do transcends our sessions and the gifts ripple throughout my life.  I am so grateful to have such an amazing strong woman, gifted healer, shaman, and Soul to do this alchemical work with.
~Mary M.

Tayria draws from her vast knowledge of symbols and archetypes to uncover hidden messages in dreams. With a compassionate curiosity, she sorts out the meaning behind the dream’s details, revealing the personal guidance that is present within, and how it relates to current experiences. I leave each session with a sense of clarity, connectedness, and awareness, and with a fresh perspective on my current situation.
~Tamela W.

I have known Tayria for over 20 years and have done dream work with her many of those years. Her love and deep respect for the healing power of the dream, her education, intellect and intuition and years of experience have made her one of the premier therapists and dream consultants today. What a really special spirit she is.
~Elizabeth R.

Tayria brought me back to my most authentic self. After a tough family situation she helped me reclaim my wholeness. I am eternally grateful!
~Shannon S.

I have loved working with Tayria.  She is a warm and wise presence and witness.  In our meetings, she and I discuss and ponder rich topics of mutual interest. Tayria is well versed in the language of dreams.  She would always have insightful comments on dreams, which to my untutored mind seemed incomprehensible. She is also deeply knowledgeable about the Christian mystics and the Western Esoteric tradition.  I highly recommend working with Tayria as an advisor and/ or teacher. You will learn from her, be supported by her, and your life will be enriched.
~ Lynn K.

Always insightful and inspiring, Tayria Ward has a unique gift of unpacking a dream to reveal its secrets.
~Randy S.