We humans, as a species,
used to participate fluently in what
eco-theologian Thomas Berry refers to as
“the great conversation” –
the dialogue that is taking place at all times
among the elements
of the natural world.
We listened
and understood the languages of plant, tree,
rock, river, bird, animal, soil.
This connection kept us
in a healthy relationship with the
delicate balance of nature.
At some point in the course of history we stopped listening,
began overvaluing the human,
talking only amongst ourselves,
mistakenly believing that earth’s other systems
existed to be subservient
to our wants and needs,
without rights of their own.
Emotionally, psychologically, spiritually
and ecologically,
humans are in peril
if we do not make a heartfelt effort
to re-establish these necessary relationships.
We cannot afford to remain in denial
any longer.
Recovery is still possible.
It begins with individuals,
one by one,
who are willing to reawaken.
Bridging Worlds is committed
to assisting in this endeavor.


“I no longer believed in the known God of the Bible,
but rather in the mysterious God expressed in nature.”
– Albert Einstein


Bridging Worlds was founded in 2004 as a center to work with individuals and groups

  ~ to recover a meaningful connection to the natural world
  ~ to hear the voice of the deep self
  ~ to listen to and work with dreams
  ~ to connect with Otherworld dimensions
  ~ to experience the love, empathy, inspiration and support of a community

Tayria works with private clients on Zoom, and offers regular lectures and interviews regarding a wide variety of topics exploring dreams, the Dreamtime, depth psychology, the indigenous mind, and the spiritual life.



Mystic Magazine Interview May 2023


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