Rethinking our Climate Situation with Bucky Fuller

Written by Tayria Ward on August 5, 2015

Let’s see, should we continue to destroy the planet so we can keep our jobs, or do we have some re-thinking to do? What good are jobs if we have no food, clean air or water? Really. Really?

Two days ago President Obama made an impassioned plea that we DO SOMETHING

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So Close and Yet So Far Away

Written by Tayria Ward on July 13, 2015

My dream of a few nights ago may be telling the story not only of my life but of our collective life. In it, I have traveled a long distance to the same town where my Beloved resides, but am there to fulfill other obligations. There is only one short

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Your Twin Self

Written by Tayria Ward on February 25, 2015

I was taught much by an African teacher who helped me undergo ritual initiation over a lengthy period, a time when I was working hard to reconstruct myself after shattering events in my life. One concept that has been with me strongly is the notion that each of us have

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Shadow Eruption at the Dark Time of Year

Written by Tayria Ward on December 18, 2014

“There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed: and hid that shall not be known,” Jesus is reported as saying in the Gospel of St. Matthew. This can be a scary reality. We cherish our right to privacy and the ability to wear masks over hidden parts of our personality,

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The Root of Climate Crisis

Written by Tayria Ward on November 4, 2014

It is Election Day as I begin this writing. What are we thinking, and not thinking?

The top 2 issues for the American people according to NBC news on Sunday night are 1) jobs and the economy and 2) gridlock. The list of other most important issues include healthcare, social security

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When Invisibles Become Visible

Written by Tayria Ward on July 5, 2014

I’m going to take a risk here. Many a skeptic, rationalist and psychologist would be instantly dismissive, maybe even concerned, about these little accounts. I have a life full of them, and I generally keep them well under my hat, but for some reason these two stories just pressed forward

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Archangel Gabriel and the Girdle

Written by Tayria Ward on June 26, 2014

Recently I had a dream experience that continues to haunt and fascinate me. I’ve been recording my dreams for nearly 40 years and never have had one with an angel in it, nor have I experienced the apparition of an angel though I am regularly aware of them and their

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Dreams, Oracles and Mandalas

Written by Tayria Ward on May 27, 2014

Dearest blog readers,

A favorite client gently pointed out to me recently that I haven’t posted a blog since February. I winced. I think the last one I wrote was an announcement and description of the book that I am committed to writing this year. The challenges involved in finding time

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Written by Tayria Ward on February 14, 2014

With the ice storms moving through the Southern and Eastern part of the United States this week, everything feels frozen. Lives are frozen in their tracks. Something uncontrollable has taken over, again.

I have been thinking about the term I heard on the news last night as it described the economic

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Finding the Natural Man Again

Written by Tayria Ward on January 28, 2014

Our task is to return to Nature, not in the manner of Rousseau, but to our own nature; to find the natural man again. Instead of this, there is nothing we like better than systems and methods by which we can repress the natural man which is everywhere at cross

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