Love on the Bus

Written by Tayria Ward on April 25, 2013

It is my 62nd birthday today, a Full Moon, lunar eclipse day too. I’m celebrating with a few friends tonight in my new home, FINALLY a home to settle into after two years of being in transition. The house will be empty as we celebrate and I won’t own it

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Considering Apparitions of Mary

Written by Tayria Ward on April 15, 2013

When I was quite young I saw the exquisite little movie The Song of Bernadette (for which the lead actress Jennifer Jones won an Academy Award as Best Actress). I have never forgotten the experience of seeing this film. As time has gone by I realize more acutely how this story

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Spring and The Gospel of Thomas

Written by Tayria Ward on April 5, 2013

Looking at the trees outside my window, and those lining the streets and covering the mountains in Western North Carolina on this day, April 5, nary a green leaf has arrived on their branches. The skeletons are yet bare-boned. But I can almost feel in my throat the energy that

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Written by Tayria Ward on March 30, 2013

The archetypal themes of the spring equinox and Easter season are several and powerful. New life, hope and possibility after the cold death and darkness of winter, miracles of resurrection, dark nights of the soul followed by transformation and grace — messages that profoundly encourage and inspire us.

For me this

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Holding the Broken Places

Written by Tayria Ward on March 24, 2013

Recently I fell and broke a number of bones in my right hand. Figuring out how to live with only one hand, and that one not being my dominant one, has been an awakening journey. The simplest things we take for granted, like the basic capability of  opening a jar

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Setting Sail

Written by Tayria Ward on March 19, 2013

A kind client of mine mentioned yesterday that he has missed my blog. I know I have been hiding under a bushel for awhile, feeling the need to be silent while I re-calibrate. I knew the transition from mountain to town would be big for me without question, but not until

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Saving Jesus

Written by Tayria Ward on January 12, 2013

Yesterday was the first New Moon of 2013, New Moon in Capricorn. In the spiritual tradition I trained in and where I was ordained, it was suggested that the New Moon before Christmas is a time when Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is very attuned to our hearts and that on that

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Death and Life, Bridging the Worlds

Written by Tayria Ward on December 4, 2012

For blog readers who are not on my mailing list, I want to insert here the newsletter I sent today as it contains reflections deeper than the words can convey. The process of moving my work from wilderness to town is affecting at a cellular level. I respect and embrace

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Milarepa and Me

Written by Tayria Ward on October 25, 2012

Milarepa, known by some as the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, and certainly one of its greatest saints, has been an important figure to me since my early 20’s. He lived in the 12th century in a mountain cave, a great yogi and poet who ate only nettles for sustenance. My

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Reflecting the Interior of the Mountain Out to the World

Written by Tayria Ward on October 14, 2012

When I was living in California, after having visited North Carolina to find the mountain property that I have been living in for the last 8 years, but not yet having decided to buy it – several dreams occurred that convinced me to jump in, buy and move. Some of

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