Math and Wildness and Beauty

Written by Tayria Ward on June 11, 2012

In the midst of the wildness that is my life during a big move, a remarkable little mathematical equation emerged out of the chaos that I want to write about, like a still point in my turning world (reference to T.S. Eliot’s wonderful poem). There is too much to say

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Bridging Worlds in Downtown Asheville

Written by Tayria Ward on June 3, 2012

The bridges expressed in the following chart summarize the Mission Statement I have been operating with since moving to the mountains of Western North Carolina 2004:

I will now be tending these bridges with care and passion, both inside the individual and collectively in the culture, from an urban environment, moving

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Dreamtime's Deep Messaging System

Written by Tayria Ward on May 21, 2012

Sitting in the quiet of my mountain home this morning with birds, sky, forest and power of mountain keeping me company, I am readying myself for a full-time move into town. Even for the most basic decisions that have to be made, like how to consolidate the supplies accumulated in

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Everything I do, I do it for You

Written by Tayria Ward on May 18, 2012

I have just spent my second night in my new apartment in Asheville. My mountain home is still home, but is on the market and so I make this transition in merciful stages. After the roar of quiet out there – only wind, rain, stars and forest creatures to talk

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Written by Tayria Ward on May 13, 2012

Mother, what can I do for you on Mother’s Day? When Mom was in the body, I couldn’t be there to pamper her on this day usually, but – after a person passes over is there something we can do specifically for them? Do we have better access? It has

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Journeying Through

Written by Tayria Ward on May 12, 2012

Since beginning this blog more than 2 years ago, having written something every day for much of that time, I have not taken so long a break from writing as I have these past weeks. There are reasons for this, which I may write more about soon. I have been

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Elephants in Rooms

Written by Tayria Ward on March 31, 2012

The process of enculturation –  by parents, through classroom education and in peer groups – trains a person in rules regarding what is acceptable to speak about, and what is not. The information we receive is sometimes imparted openly, but I believe most of what we learn comes tacitly. Vibrations

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The Issue of the Bison

Written by Tayria Ward on March 23, 2012

Last night I saw the piece on NBC Nightly News that tells the story of pure bred bison that have just been released in Montana. The purity of this species has been compromised by cross breeding with cattle, threatening the original species with extinction. I was so moved to see

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Word Paintings

Written by Tayria Ward on March 20, 2012

Sometimes just a few words together compose such a vision of life and universe that I experience them as literally life-saving. I do not mean that they save my physical life, though I don’t know, maybe they do. I mean that when life loses meaning, or luster or power – which can

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The Real in real estate

Written by Tayria Ward on March 16, 2012

I just got back inside after sitting on my porch during a lightning storm, then watching the stars come out. I went from rain beating across my lap, to the quiet of stars burning through night sky.

I am in the earliest stages of figuring out how to list my mountain

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