For private groups, businesses, churches, foundations or anyone desiring skills for more functional and aware interactions with others, Dialogue teaches communication skills that greatly enhance every aspect of life and relationship.

Tayria has trained in the Dialogue methodology as it was originally developed and articulated by physicist David Bohm and further developed by others. She has taught workshops ranging in length from day-long to week-long over the last 16 years and also taught a course in dialogue at the college level entitled The Physics of Thought for several years.

We can all do our personal inner work, but until we function together more effectively not much will ultimately change for the better in life. Dialogue training helps develop skills for honest, authentic communication, deep listening beyond pre-conceived ideas and assumptions, deeper inquiry into each other’s and the larger field of thought, respect for differing points of view, holding together the tensions between parts in order to more clearly understand the whole.

Indigenous people the world over have long known the power and efficacy of consistently coming together in a circle to listen to each other. Once everyone who wants to speak is heard, the way ahead looks clearer. Western hierarchical top-down models in organizations, churches, families, and sometimes even friendships fail to allow for the inherent genius of thinking together rather than alone.

Without competent skills for dialogue, meetings often become exercises in boredom and frustration. With proficiency in dialogue, the sessions can generate enthusiasm and synergy, the whole being much more than the sum of its parts. David Bohm says that only in thinking together can new thought or meaning unfold.

A One-day Introduction will give your group an idea of what the experience provides. Regular 3-4 hour sessions for three to six weeks are recommended. Call Tayria for further information.


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Videos of Tayria Speaking about Dialogue:


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Interview with Kathy Forest Courageous Joy Global Conference, December 2020

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Interview with Jocelyn Mercado, at 2021 Initiation Portal Global Festival, October 2020

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