Shadow Eruption at the Dark Time of Year

Written by Tayria Ward on December 18, 2014

“There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed: and hid that shall not be known,” Jesus is reported as saying in the Gospel of St. Matthew. This can be a scary reality. We cherish our right to privacy and the ability to wear masks over hidden parts of our personality,

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Elephants in Rooms

Written by Tayria Ward on March 31, 2012

The process of enculturation –  by parents, through classroom education and in peer groups – trains a person in rules regarding what is acceptable to speak about, and what is not. The information we receive is sometimes imparted openly, but I believe most of what we learn comes tacitly. Vibrations

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Day of the Dead and Shadow

Written by Tayria Ward on October 31, 2011

October 31 – Festival of spirits, spooks, weirdness, a day for putting on masks, dressing as someone else, unsettling personas, getting into conversation with pumpkin heads (I did that at a Halloween party.)

And a day to honor the dead. Mom, I love you; Dad, you too; ancestors, I thank you;

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Clusterf**k: me, you, the economy and the planet

Written by Tayria Ward on July 31, 2011

I had a dream not too long ago in which I was witnessing a huge, gorgeous spiral galaxy, the stars twinkling like diamonds against a velvety dark sky. On one of the arms of the galaxy however I noticed a huge mass, like a glut of stars all tangled up

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