Death and Dreams

Written by Tayria Ward on July 29, 2010

I remember very clearly working a dream with my analyst when I lived in Los Angeles. In it I had walked up to a person in the dream and just shot him in the head (not someone I knew in real life). I sheepishly confessed the dream, thinking it was

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Yeehaw! Dream Time

Written by Tayria Ward on July 26, 2010

I just listened to Nightly News on NBC, which gave a report about the movie Inception, in theaters now, saying it has sparked much general discussion about the topic of dreams. I’m so excited about the developing interest, even if there is a lot of misinformation that gets dispersed by

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Underground Skyscraper Chapel

Written by Tayria Ward on April 5, 2010

I’ve been musing all day about a fascinating dream image from last night. While walking through very deep snow in a middle-of-nowhere kind of place I stumbled into an underground chapel; I fell into a hole and there it was. As I slipped down an outside roofline, I almost fell

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Time Traveling

Written by Tayria Ward on March 24, 2010

A few nights ago I watched the movie, The Time Traveler’s Wife. I was in an exhausted zone in my head and had had a glass of wine with dinner, so was vulnerable to an altered state of consciousness already. While the movie played, in my half-dream state I kept

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Redemption, Yes

Written by Tayria Ward on March 7, 2010

I believe the very first blog I wrote was about a question that kept posing itself in my mind all through the Christmas season, “Is redemption possible?” It seemed to be coming out of trying to finish grief over losses; like the teenage years of my precious, priceless younger daughter while I was

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Written by Tayria Ward on March 4, 2010

I approached my dreamwork session today with some fear and trepidation. I had a recent dream that has been very disturbing to think about and I really couldn’t find it’s meaning myself. In the dream a doctor ordered a lobotomy for me. There was no arguing with this authority in the dream, his

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Lucky Me

Written by Tayria Ward on February 6, 2010

I have recorded my dreams since I was 24 years old, and since that time I have also been blessed with having someone in my life who knows the language of the dream to help me interpret them – until a year ago. Financial constraints made it impossible for me to

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Dreams and Past Lives

Written by Tayria Ward on January 31, 2010

I believed in past lives before I even knew I believed in past lives. Being raised Catholic, the concept surely wasn’t ever taught to me. But when I was little I can recall myself saying such things as, “I know I can do this because in a past life I

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The Dream Lady

Written by Tayria Ward on January 26, 2010

Driving toward home on these country dirt roads last week I met with a van that was coming down the mountain. The driver stopped to ask for directions; he was a chimney cleaner who had cleaned my chimney last year. He recognized me and said, “You’re the dream lady!” Well I guess I

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Following the Muse in the Dream

Written by Tayria Ward on January 21, 2010

I want to assure any reader that my strong intention is to never let this blogging idea become an exercise in navel gazing. I am instantly bored with self-indulgent personal pieces that allow a writer to have the exercise of verbalizing stories or concerns, but that do nothing to inspire, provide insight or at least entertain

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