Underground Skyscraper Chapel

Written by Tayria Ward on April 5, 2010

I’ve been musing all day about a fascinating dream image from last night. While walking through very deep snow in a middle-of-nowhere kind of place I stumbled into an underground chapel; I fell into a hole and there it was. As I slipped down an outside roofline, I almost fell to my death — now I’m on a skyscraper looking straight down at city traffic miles below. I was less than an inch from falling off. As dream logic goes, there was no conflict between this being under feet of snow and underground, and a skyscraper at the same time.

The chapel was ancient, made of rich cherry wood, and sat on top of a modern-looking city skyscraper building with a flat roof that held it solidly. As the snow melted, I could see the whole vista from below. There it was, an archaic, intriguing artifact. I decided that I would restore it and do my work out of that place. It was a very exciting project. I felt completely confident in how to do it and that I would do it. As the dream ends I am across town pointing the place out to my daughter.

Hmmmmmmm. I do hope this portends something interesting coming up for the work I want to do. It would be interesting to read this dream a year from now and see if what I am doing resembles an underground, ancient, skyscraper cherry wood chapel.