Your Twin Self

Written by Tayria Ward on February 25, 2015

I was taught much by an African teacher who helped me undergo ritual initiation over a lengthy period, a time when I was working hard to reconstruct myself after shattering events in my life. One concept that has been with me strongly is the notion that each of us have

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Finding the Natural Man Again

Written by Tayria Ward on January 28, 2014

Our task is to return to Nature, not in the manner of Rousseau, but to our own nature; to find the natural man again. Instead of this, there is nothing we like better than systems and methods by which we can repress the natural man which is everywhere at cross

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My Carl Jung Action Figure

Written by Tayria Ward on October 4, 2011

Carl Jung Action Figure

I have numerous totemic items around my house that fortify the environment with their imagery, energy, artistry and energetic properties. Many of them had to be stored safely away to clear the area for other activity while 115 people, including lots of children, came through

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Domesticated and Undomesticated Mind

Written by Tayria Ward on May 19, 2011

Living between town and mountain presents challenges at nearly every step, impossible to anticipate before I stepped into this adventure a few weeks ago. For the past many years while living on the mountain, most of the dreamwork I did with people took place in telephone sessions or during retreats,

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Making Consciousness

Written by Tayria Ward on February 9, 2010

Carl Jung suggests that the purpose of our lives as humans is to make the unconscious conscious. We all go about it in our various ways, but that is the theme. Buckminster Fuller said something along these lines that having heard it helped shape my life, I believe. When I speak of

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