Making Consciousness

Written by Tayria Ward on February 9, 2010

Carl Jung suggests that the purpose of our lives as humans is to make the unconscious conscious. We all go about it in our various ways, but that is the theme. Buckminster Fuller said something along these lines that having heard it helped shape my life, I believe. When I speak of it I call it “Bucky’s ruler.” He held out his arms maybe a yard or two apart saying  “If the spectrum of everything that affects us at any given moment is this long, that which we can pick up with our sense and technologies is only this long.” He then held two fingers together so closely that there was barely any space between them. My young mind was blown. You mean I, and we, are 99% unconscious? I think this set my path.  I wanted to figure out how to be in relationship to the rest of what is on that ruler. The quest took me through drugs, and God and then into depth psychology.

This committment of writing a blog piece every day for 40 days is good for the project of making consciousness. Every day I go about my day doing what I do, and then at some point I know I will sit and try to pull something out of the diffuse material floating around in my head, find a thought or an idea, then put some words around it. After I finish there is the satisfying feeling of having given birth to a little piece of something. Something that wasn’t there now is there. Something that I wasn’t necessarily conscious of I’ve just pulled into consciousness. It’s good.

I just shoveled the last batch of snow off the porch to get ready for the next batch that is coming in tonight. As I worked I felt the frozen earth and trees resting, but pregnant and gestating. Soon spring will come and everything will explode with new life. I could feel myself and my fellow humans similarly pregnant with 2010, ready give birth to new life and consciousness. What will unfold from us? We are involved in such an interesting project on this sweet little planet.