Terrifying Angels

Written by Tayria Ward on March 29, 2010

In The Duino Elegies Rilke stated, “Every angel is terrifying.” I agree. When the vast realities of the other worlds break into our own, a multitude of responses arise in us. Terror is definitely one of them. Our little lives are watched over, and though we don’t always feel it we are in the hands of great powers. I know better, but recently I was feeling a bit forgotten, as if I had floated into a sidepool and the river was running over there at a distance without me. I told the gods that I need to feel them moving in my life. The next thing you know, I felt pushed off a cliff, falling through space, taken on a wild ride. I hit bottom without injury, but have been rattled to the core. Angels of grace show up when we call for them, but watch out. Every angel is terrifying.