Teen Choice Awards, Dialogue of Amazing Talent!

Written by Tayria Ward on August 9, 2010

I am so in love with the world. If I die tomorrow, somebody please tell whoever is in charge that those should be the words on my gravestone, please. Even though I don’t want a gravestone, I want whatever is the most environmentally advanced idea for how to move on at the time. It’s a desired epitaph though.

I got home from a day of it, turned on the news while I did chores, and heard that the Teen Choice Awards were on tonight. I’ve never known that they existed, so I turned them on to watch while I did e-mail and stuff. Oh my goodness. I love kids. I was a kid once, I birthed two, and I have taught in classrooms much of my life. This show is the voice of teenagers – who THEY vote for – for best music, actor, sports person, smile, hotness, whatever! I never realized someone had the brilliance to give them the vote in this tremendous way. Why should adults have all of the say in award shows? No one ever gave me such a vote when I was growing up.

There were 100,000 degrees of talent on this show. You have to have a young brain to keep up with it. Every 10 seconds a new talent appears and shows you what they can do, gloriously, for the next 10 seconds. I am so grateful I have a DVR because as an older person I need to use the feature of pause, rewind, slow down, take it in. But kids don’t need this. They get it already. They are so advanced. I love them!

I am trained in dialogue, a method taught by David Bohm the physicist, who suggested that we are not meant to think alone. Every different point of view has value. When we listen to all ways to see things with equal respect, not cancelling out any of them, put them all together, then as humans we are able to get the big picture. I see these kids being capable of holding so many points of view, so many genres, so many ethnic expressions, so many ways to broadcast love and passion, so much wild appreciation for diversity and one another. The future is in good hands.  I love the world. It is a great world. So much diversity, so much celebration of it.