Dreams, Oracles and Mandalas

Written by Tayria Ward on May 27, 2014

Dearest blog readers,

A favorite client gently pointed out to me recently that I haven’t posted a blog since February. I winced. I think the last one I wrote was an announcement and description of the book that I am committed to writing this year. The challenges involved in finding time

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Reflecting the Interior of the Mountain Out to the World

Written by Tayria Ward on October 14, 2012

When I was living in California, after having visited North Carolina to find the mountain property that I have been living in for the last 8 years, but not yet having decided to buy it – several dreams occurred that convinced me to jump in, buy and move. Some of

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The Other Side of the Wall

Written by Tayria Ward on February 10, 2010

Recently I read in one of Rilke’s poems the following beautiful words. The image has stayed with me hauntingly. Talking to God who Rilke imagines living in the room next door he writes:

I know you are all alone in that room.
If you should be thirsty, there’s no one
to get you a glass

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Lucky Me

Written by Tayria Ward on February 6, 2010

I have recorded my dreams since I was 24 years old, and since that time I have also been blessed with having someone in my life who knows the language of the dream to help me interpret them – until a year ago. Financial constraints made it impossible for me to

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