Written by Tayria Ward on February 1, 2010

My facial muscles are hurting today from smiling so much last night watching the Grammy’s. Shining through all of the ego things that they all have to learn to navigate, the spirits and eyes and hearts of these artists just twinkled. And the music was so great.

The moment I probably won’t ever forget, though, came when Prince Michael and Paris Jackson took the stage to accept their father’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Their cousins surrounded them with eyes brimming with pride and strong  support. Prince Michael accepted the award eloquently, then said, “My father’s message was simple. It was love.” Books and movies and rock histories will fascinate us as the explore Michael Jackson’s legacy, but I am guessing that pretty much everyone knows that his message was simple. It was love.

That’s what all of this is about anyway, isn’t it? Anything we ever do, the reason we get up in the morning, or hammer a nail or type a word or wash a sheet or take a meeting, it’s all about love ultimately, isn’t it? What else is it for? It seems like it should be that simple. I think Jesus thought it was that simple. We just have to keep focus.

My neighbor’s chicken hopped up on my woodpile and is looking right at me through my living room window. She wants some love. Birdseed. Maybe I’ll go get her some.

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