Dreams as Continuing Revelation

Written by Tayria Ward on March 3, 2011

Today as I was listening to some dreams I thought, as I often do, of the nature of that which comes to us through the dreamtime as constant, continual revelation from Source, God, Spirit, whatever we call it. Sacred scriptures of the many religions have eternal wisdom in them, but in terms of new revelation from Source providing what you need to realize coming straight out of the eternal and into your life right now, new wisdom for this moment, dreams are a constant source.

A physicist I listened to recently mentioned the fact that our solar system is moving through space at an unimaginably high velocity, so that no moment is ever repeated, we are NEVER in the same place twice. I’m thinking we need new information constantly to be on this time/space journey.

If Steve Jobs and his company make an iPad  history already, what might that also reflect about the need for constant updating our inner technology? I am sure dreams come from a place way beyond Apple’s abilities. And I know they cost a lot less.